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Sep, 2017

Girls LAX Board Meeting - 7:30pm, SPORTS Office Conference Room

HSE Fishers Girls Lacrosse Board Meeting

Sept 7, 2017

7:30pm – SPORTS Conference Room


  1. Introductions/Attendees

    Carolyn Carter – on phone; later in person

    Jennifer McGuire – on phone

    Nate Elliot – on phone

    Brad Nawa – on phone

    Charles Elliot - present

    Rachel Askins - present

    Heather Johnson - present

    Lora Lyons - present

    Tim Burkholder - present

    Alicia Burkholder - present

    Patrycja Thomas - present


  2. Try It Day Recap
    1. Approx 45 girls new to LAX attended event.
    2. Huge turnout of HS players as well as both HS coaches
    3. Positive feedback – got 3-5 emails about next steps
    4. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success
    5. Heather will create a “quick sheet” of everything – possibly have a chair run this next year?
      1. Purchased extra signs for next year
    6. Discussion about event for next year (5-10 minutes):
      1. Things to keep –
        1. HS player help was huge positive
        2. Water balloons
      2. Things to change/improve –
        1. More equipment to loan out
        2. Possibly more structured rotation so there is a definite “end”
        3. Signage/Advertising
        4. Shorten the time – possibly 2-4 or 2-3:30.
        5. Have more tables for sign in. Have equipment at each of the 4 tables.
        6. Ask how they found out about it when signing in.
        7. Target orthodontist offices and pediatric dentists to have information about the event.
      3. Coach Development and youth program development was discussed - Adrian Wagner, HSE coach, came and had suggestions for rec program. She would like to help grow the youth program. (Pat Kelly is the FHS coach).
        1. Follow US Lacrosse development structure
        2. Lower the age to join – looking at U8 for next year
        3. Player development - HSE HS offering a 1-day clinic in October, date not yet set.
        4. Certification of coaches through US Lacrosse - could get a grant to provide the training through US Lacrosse.
        5. There is a GOLD STICK program that would be great to earn.
        6. Coach development - Discussed coaching certifications and levels.
          1. Need at least 3 U10 (3 & 4 grade) coaches.



  3. Incrediplex Stick Skills Sessions
    1. Partnering w/ boys lax – reserved same dates/times
      1. Boys doing an outdoor in September.
    2. Have 2 fields (3&4) this year.
    3. Dates:  Nov 5, 12, 19; Dec 3, 10; Jan 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11
    4. Times:  1-2:30pm
    5. Cost is $150 per hour, Total of 30 hours = $4500
      1. This would be $75 per participant at 60 participants; could charge $80/$100 in case we have less participants than expected.
      2. Experienced players need more space.
      3. Cap at 65 participants. Could allow a few more new participants.
      4. Need $1200 down at time of turning in signed contract
    6. Tshirts for attending – Nate will sponsor
    7. Voted for expenditure – motion passed.
    8. New participants must register through US Lacrosse for insurance purposes. Can check through US Lax portal.
    9.  Need someone to “chair” this stick skills
      1. Schedule coaches (Can include HS)
      2. Possibly plan activities/skills stations
      3. Like a “beginner” field and an “advanced” field



  4. Facilities Update – Charles Elliot
    1. Sand Creek Intermediate update
    2. $1500 for use of the field/field improvements
    3. Payment by December 1
    4. Fee for grounds improvement – re-seed and fertilize
    5. Need to price out a shed – 10 x 10 to 10 x 16
      1. Look at getting a sponsor for the shed and putting a sign on it acknowledging the sponsor.
      2. Need to seek approval; similar to one at Fishers Junior High
    6. Motion to spend $1500 maximum was approved.


  5. Rachel indicated that the boys’ program is planning on donating to the girls’ program. Could use toward the purchase of goalie equipment.


  6. IYLA Coaches Meeting Update – Carolyn and Rachel
    1. Rules committee -
    2. Scheduling committee
    3. Updates for 2018 season
    4. Age rule cutoff date change – move the age cutoff up
    5. Field sizes – U10 same as last year; U12 - 70x45; U14 -120x70
    6. U10 rule clarifications – no offsides, no kicking the ball, no more than 2 fighting for the ball
    7. Refs will have reference card so rules are consistent.
    8. Will discuss age/date at our next meeting


  7. Meeting Dates Update
    1. Call out Meeting                
      1. Only for families/players NEW to girls lax
      2. Wednesday, Jan 10, 7pm, Billericay
      3. Informational meeting for new players.
    2.  Kick Off Meetings
      1. Hold 2 because of space
      2. Determine how to split it up.
      3. End of Feb/Early March?


  8. Arbiter - All coaches will have access to Arbiter. All coaches put scores within Arbiter. This is for U14.
  9. U10 will do play days on Sundays. No games during the weeks.


  10. Chairperson Positions Updates
    1. Sent everyone updated chart
    2. Be on the lookout for people who would be awesome at:  Equipment manager, Co-Head Scheduler,
    3. Team Mom Coordinator – Jennifer McGuire


  11. Logo change
    1.  Option 1 (animated heads)
    2. Option 2 (stoic heads)
    3. Vote – Option 1 won by one vote


  12. Upcoming Items to discuss next meeting
    1. Volunteer “deposit” money – do we require families to deposit money for volunteer hours.  If so, how much and how do we collect it?
    2. SPORTS fee price – what will we set our rate at?
    3. Overview of budget
    4. Purchase needs for next year


  13. Next Meeting – Thursday, Oct 5, 7:30pm, Billericay Building –






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