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Oct, 2017

Girls LAX Board Meeting - 7:30pm, SPORTS Office Conference Room

HSE Fishers Girls Lacrosse Board Meeting Notes

October 5, 2017

7:30pm – SPORTS Conference Room



Carolyn Carter – on phone; present later

Jennifer McGuire – present

Nate Elliot –

Brad Nawa – present

Charles Elliot - present

Rachel Askins - present

Heather Johnson - present

Lora Lyons -

Tim Burkholder - present

Patrycja Thomas – present

Sarah Johnson – on phone



  1. Review/approval of last meeting’s minutes
    1. Minutes reviewed – motion to approve
    2. Minutes approved


  2. Budget Report (Brad)
    1. Need to forecast for 2017 – 2018 season
    2. Approximately $10K in bank; with $2900 in outlays
    3. Discussed thanking prior donors and sponsors
    4. Asked Sarah about setting up dine to donate with the goal of having one monthly; mentioned Hot Box and Dairy Queen to set up reoccurring dine to donate; have connections to the Hot Box owner at 116th and Brooks School Road
    5. Car wash coupons in May


  3. Donation from Ray Skillman
    1. $500
    2. Thank you, Nate!


  4. Donation to Top Golf auction and someone to sit on committee for SPORTS
    1. Fundraiser for SPORTS at Top Golf on Sunday, October 29
    2. Have items and a couple t-shirts plus could offer free entry for a season


  5. Incrediplex Stick Skills Sessions
    1. Have 28 signed up so far
    2. 10 of those are new or did not play last spring
      1. We would potentially pay for these girls’ SPORTS fee ($35)
    3. Will publicize on Team Snap
    4. Will create a graphic that can be used for social media
    5. Pass out flyer at Max Lax
    6. Info is going out in SPORTS October newsletter
    7. Heather will re-email next week closer to date
    8. Nick has put info up on website
    9. Dates:  Nov 5, 12, 19; Dec 3, 10; Jan 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11
    10. Times:  1-2:30pm
    11. Heather will put together roster w/ emergency contacts and such
    12. Need people for first session on Nov. 2nd to help check in – take $, check in girls, have new girls sign SPORTS form, check to make sure everyone has Lax # - Jennifer will assist Heather at check in desk
    13. Rachel in charge of scheduling coaches/etc
      1. Schedule coaches (Can include HS)
      2. Possibly plan activities/skills stations
      3. Like a “beginner” field and an “advanced” field
      4. Will assess the skills of the girls that attend and can work on skills based on that
      5. Put together skeleton program for beginner and advanced – Rachel, Carolyn, and Brad will meet to discuss
    14. Will invite people interested in coaching to shadow existing coaches at stick skills
    15. Adrianne and HSE players will help every other week


  6. Facilities Update – Charles Elliot/Shed Update (Rachel/Charles)
    1. Rachel contact principal at SCI – Rachel received approval for the shed and it will be in direct view of a security camera; can be up to 200 square feet; Can put sponsors on the shed
    2. Charles contacted Sean regarding specifications for the shed
    3. Looking at sheds at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menards and they are in the price range $1600-$2100; will contact the Fisher’s Do It Center regarding obtaining the shed from them; could also look at Recreation Unlimited
    4. Fee for grounds improvement - $1500
    5. Had to pay $421 ($4.50 per kid enrolled) for seeding at Cyntheanne – based on how many players we had in the league.  Split between us, soccer, rugby and football.  This is separate from Sand Creek Fee


  7. Update from boys LAX - Rachel
    1. New website up and running
    2. Donating red and white
    3. Sticks skills will coincide with ours
    4. IYLA sees us as one club; so we have one vote
    5. Megan Kalesperies took job as secretary of IYLA board
    6. Boys will donate money to us with a written proposal from us based on our needs
      1. Need more goalie kits
      2. Need more LAX balls
      3. Need another set of uniforms
      4. Need cones
      5. Need a few whistles


  8. Sponsorships
    1. Could put sponsorship on practice t-shirt and possibly on pennies
    2. Carolyn will reach out to Dottie Coture
    3. Sponsor mentioned on website
    4. Could thank sponsors on social media
    5. Will draft guidelines related to sponsorship levels


  9. Logo Update
    1.  Talked to “shirt” guy –
      1. Logo we chose w/ the multiple colors and details will be more expensive to screen print if we go w/ full color (more colors, more $)
      2. Too many details to embroider – can remove tiger and lion and then embroider
      3. Asked Patrycja to check w/ graphic designer to see if we can reduce colors on the full logo and possibly remove “animals” on sides if we want to embroider
      4. Will revisit the logo next month
    2. Do we want to sell spirit wear for holiday?
      1. In agreement that we should offer spirit wear for the holidays
      2. Look at offering windbreakers and joggers


  10. IYLA Update – Carolyn
    1. No updates


  11. Upcoming Items to discuss next meeting
    1. Volunteer “deposit” money –
      1. do we require families to deposit money for volunteer hours. 
      2. If so, how much and how do we collect it? 
      3. How many hours should we expect families to volunteer?
      4. How would verification of volunteer hours work?


    2. SPORTS fee price – what will we set our rate at?
    3. Overview of budget
    4. Purchase needs for next year
      1. 2-4 additional sets of goalie equipment
      2. Uniforms for possibly additional team?
      3. Additional bags of balls, 1-2 extra sticks per coach
      4. Shed at SCI
      5. Additional moveable goals?
      6. Anything else?
    5. Heather will send out information prior to the meeting to review in order to facilitate discussion.
      1. Info from SPORTS/Rugby on charges from other sports and their feedback on the volunteer fee
      2. “projected” enrollment for next year based on number of girls from last year and what age division they will be in as they age up
      3. Outline of potential uniform costs


  12. Next Meeting – Thursday, Nov. 2nd, 7:30pm, SPORTs board office












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