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Nov, 2017

Girls LAX Board Meeting - 7:30pm, SPORTS Office Conference Room

HSE Fishers Girls Lacrosse Board Meeting Nov 5, 2017 7:30pm – SPORTS Conference Room

I. Introductions Heather Johnson, Tim Burkholder, Jennifer Haynes, Carolyn Carter, Charles Elliot, Nate Elliot (phone), Brad Nawa (phone), Sarah Johnson, Rachel Askins in attendance

II. Review/approval of last meeting’s minutes - Approved

III. Budget Report (Brad) - No new business


a. Moved to donate $50 for gift for outgoing SPORTS president- Approved by board

b. Reception 12/6 for Lynda if anyone wants to attend

c. New Director Scott Skillman will be attending our Dec board meeting


V. Incrediplex Stick Skills Sessions Update -

  1. Up to 45 as of 10/31
  2. 17 of those are new/did not play last spring
  1. Total cost of field rental (2 fields) = $4500
  2. $100 per player x 45 girls signed up = $4500
  3. Club possibly to carry cost of SPORTS fee for girls who did not play last spring
  1. Dates: Nov 5, 12, 19; Dec 3, 10; Jan 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11
  2. Times: 1-2:30pm
  3. Heather will put together roster w/ emergency contacts and such for each coach to have - Carolyn will separate the roster into two groups 10u and 12u then experienced 12u and 14u
  4. Reminder Email Sent to all girls signed up including equipment needed, dates/times, where to go.  Separate Reminder Email to those missing US Lax Number or Exp date
  1. Things we will need first session:

i. Check in Table

  1. Helping – Heather, Jennifer McGuire, Jennifer and Brian Haynes
  2. Arrive by 12:20 if you are helping w check in
  3. Everyone who hasn’t played w/ SPORTS last spring will need to fill out a SPORTS form (Heather will bring)
  4. Verify US Lax number if it isn’t listed

Heather Bring name tages, sharpies, SPORTS forms and extra mouthguards

  1. Rachel Update in Regards to Coach Staffing/ Practice Plan

Coach Recruiting - Will send email out after first 5-6 Stick skills sessions asking if anyone interested in coaching wants to come shadow coaches during stick skills

VI.Facilities Update – Charles Elliot

a. Sand Creek Feild-seeding is done, later Parks will fill in and even out field. Need to make a payment of $1200 for all this

VII.Shed Update (Rachel/Charles)

a. Charles contacted Fishers Do-it Best Center and they were willing to work with us for a wood shed, cost is $1800 without a discount.

VIII.Logo/Spiritwear Sales Update –

  1. Board agreed to have adjustments made to logo to make sure both high schools are represented equally.  Adjustments will be sent out to be voted on as soon as they are completed
  2. Spirit Wear Update-Jennifer H working with our vendor. Trying to get all ready for items to have for Xmas. Working on goggle straps and windbreakers as well.

IX.Fundraising Update – Sarah Johnson - we are receiving money each month from Kroger Plus Card, need to get this info out to club (Heather will blast). Hot box will dine to donate 3rd Wednesday of each month starting this month thru Oct 2018. Sarah working on dine to donate with Portillo’s and DQ. We have Mike’s Carwash set up for May. Sarah to inquire into Amazon and Meijer.

X. Sponsorship Update – Heather Johnson/Nate Elliot - Nate talking to Kroger and Accelerate Indiana about sponsorship/donating to our club a. Lee Johnson putting together“1 sheeter”with sponsorship options such as  Bronze, Silver, Gold options for sponsors. Work in progress. Heather has it and will send out to anyone who would like to hand out to potential sponsors

XI.IYLA Update – Carolyn - haven’t heard anything or received any emails. Heather to contact Megan K. and/or Leslie S. to find out any further info on updates with next meeting? Age limits?

XIII.SPORTS fee and Volunteer Deposit for 2018

a. Volunteer “deposit” money–

  1. Will require a $50 volunteer deposit collected by check at kick-off meeting.  Will be cashed if hours not completed, shredded if hours are completed.  Tabled decision on how many hours to require.  Hours will be tracked by Volunteer Chair. 

iv. How would verification of volunteer hours work? tabled

b. SPORTS fee price – voted to keep rate at $177 per athlete for spring 2018 season

XIV.Season Start Meetings

 a. Call Out Meeting–  Janurary at Billericay. Specifically for families who have not played lacrosse before - Rachel and Heather working on info sheet to blast out to all members as well explaining all about our season and what to expect

b. Kick Off Meeting

  1. Do we have 1 or two, when do we want these to happen? - Heather to contact Delaware township building, HEPL Fishers Library and Fishers City Hall for a larger venue that we don’t have to pay for. Want to have 1 meeting in 2 shifts to alleviate crowd issues. No food this time.
  2. Heather also to contact SPORTS to reserve CP for Girls IYLA State Tourney 5/20/18

XV.Next Meeting – Thursday, Dec 7, 7:30pm, SPORTs board office


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